What To Eat?

The Keto Grocery Haul

So you are thinking ok I can do this and yes you can.  Once you start getting deeper in weeks on this diet you will not even feel hungry, not because you are sick of eating bacon and eggs, but your body is not looking for sugar to fuel your body and since your body is using keytones for energy that actually starts to sustain your hunger.  I, myself actually force myself to eat at least one meal a day to get in some nutrients.

The List..   found this on the web and it has no attribute so I can not give acknowledgement to the author of this photo even though I would definitely do so.

Now careful with some seasonings, especially dried and ground seasonings. they have hidden carbs. DO NOT believe the no calorie seasoning labels, Their nutritional labels are misleading, They are allowed to say any nutrient is ZERO is it’s less than 0.5 grams.   And also check how many servings.  I say a 5 ounce bottle of garlic powder read 390 servings..  HUH..  yeah like a 1/16th of teaspoon is a serving size..    so even if it’s 0.1 grams of carb at 1/16 of a teaspoon it actually equates to 1.6 grams per teaspoon but they are allowed to add this as zero grams.   Pathetic.


and from the Keto Connect youtubers the 7 essentials for your keto food list


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