Keto Meals and Recipes


Keto Mexican Layered Casserole

Visit for the written recipe. A taste fiesta all done in a single casserole pan. Layers of tortillas, chicken, cheddar cheese and salsa are the main ingredients in this easy and quick to prepare nutritious and hearty main dish, which makes for great leftover lunch the next day. This recipe is grain free and […]

Tzatziki – Traditional and Keto

Visit for the written recipe. Tzatziki is a cool creamy Greek sauce usually served with grilled meats such as Pork Gyro or Chicken (or other meat) Souvlaki. Tzatziki is also an excellent dip for raw vegetable platters. Both versions are flavorful and nutritious, but the keto variation has a higher fat macronutrient ratio.

Stabilized Whipped Cream Frosting (keto, sugar free, gluten free)

Visit for the written recipe. Stabilized whipped cream is awesome stuff, and it couldn’t be easier to make or more adaptable to use. It only takes a few ingredients and a few minutes to whip together. I always “stabilize” my whipped cream, which creates whipped cream that is more resilient and won’t get runny […]

Japanese 7 Spice Roast Chicken

Visit for the written recipe. Shichimi Togarashi is a popular Japanese condiment and seasoning, a version of which is created for this grilled chicken thighs recipe. Shichimi Togarashi, also called Japanese 7 spice mix, perfectly flavors and enhances the chicken with a clean, traditional Japanese flavor.

Pork Gyro on Pita – Keto Meals

Visit for the written recipe. Pork gyro is one of two most popular Greek street foods. The tenderloin is seasoned with traditional herbs and marinated to perfection. The preparation is easy with few steps. Served in my grain free pita and my Keto version of Tzatziki. This meal is one of the most satisfying, […]

Keto Three-layered Chocolate Mousse Cake

Visit for the printed recipe. This Keto Three-layered Chocolate Mousse Cake is sugar free and grain free, a creamy, low carb high fat treat for use on special occasions, for example as a birthday cake. The base is butter chocolate cake, followed by a chocolate mousse layer, then a white mousse layer.
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