Keto Meals and Recipes


Pork Gyro on Pita – Keto Meals

Visit for the written recipe. Pork gyro is one of two most popular Greek street foods. The tenderloin is seasoned with traditional herbs and marinated to perfection. The preparation is easy with few steps. Served in my grain free pita and my Keto version of Tzatziki. This meal is one of the most satisfying, […]

Keto Three-layered Chocolate Mousse Cake

Visit for the printed recipe. This Keto Three-layered Chocolate Mousse Cake is sugar free and grain free, a creamy, low carb high fat treat for use on special occasions, for example as a birthday cake. The base is butter chocolate cake, followed by a chocolate mousse layer, then a white mousse layer.

Chicken Souvlaki with Garlic Aioli – Keto Meals

Visit for the written recipe. This is a very easy meal to prepare and make. The chicken breasts are marinated with traditional fresh Greek ingredients. The garlic aioli increases the fat portion of the macronutrient ratio for keto diets. Aioli can be substituted with keto tzatziki. Complete the meal with grain free pitas or […]

Easy Keto Slow Cooker Beef Pot Roast with a Rich Gravy (sugar free, gluten free)

Visit for the written recipe. This recipe will teach you how to make a perfect slow cooker beef roast every time. Using an inexpensive chuck roast, brazed and cooked slowly creates the perfect texture and gives the meat a tasty moistness that is complemented by the richly flavorful gravy, made from the liquid in […]

Ham and Cheddar breakfast egg muffin

Visit for the written recipe. These Ham and Cheese Egg breakfast muffin cups are part of a tasty, easy, healthy, prepare ahead part of a low carb breakfast. I use cheddar but you can use your favorite hard cheese as well. This easy to prepare and to make recipe can be made ahead and […]

Keto Habanero BBQ Sauce ( sugar free and gluten free)

Visit for the written recipe. This is an easy to prepare authentic tasting, sweet, spicy, and tangy Habanero BBQ sauce. This sauce can be made with ingredients you are most likely to have at home. This sauce is a perfect complement for chicken, pork chops and ribs, and beef recipes which can be prepared […]

Keto Beef Stew (Beef Bourguignon a la Julia Child)

Visit for the written recipe. This is a gluten free, keto adaptation of Julia Child’s classic beef stew or boeuf bourguignon from her cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The meat is browned to perfection then slowly simmered in an aromatic liquid made with onions, carrots and mushrooms. A tasty prepare ahead meal […]
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