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Dessert Cake | Fast and Easy Keto & Low Carb Recipes

A Surprising and Delightful Treat! This Low Carb Cake is perfect for any Keto Party! Perfect Recipe for Keto Diet, low carb diet, or No Diet. ———————————– For Printable Recipe check out For More Recipe Check out ———————————— Enjoy Keto Lifestyle —–~] Subscribe For more Keto!! [~—– For More Keto Videos — […]

The Best Lime Avocado Salad Recipe — Quick and Easy

How to make the best Avocado Cucumber salad with a twist! lime! You will not regret eating this ūüôā Enjoy! Perfect Recipe for Keto Diet, low carb diet, or No Diet. Ingredients 2¬†Roma¬†tomatoes 1¬†English¬†cucumber 2¬†avocados 2¬†Tbsp¬†extra¬†virgin¬†olive¬†oil¬†or¬†sunflower¬†oil Juice¬†of¬†1¬†medium¬†lime¬†(about¬†2¬†Tbsp) ¬ľ¬†cup¬†(1/2¬†bunch)¬†cilantro, 1¬†tsp¬†sea¬†salt¬†or¬†¬ĺ¬†tsp¬†table¬†salt 2 tbls lime juice Instructions 1.¬†Place¬†chopped¬†tomatoes,¬†sliced¬†cucumber,,¬†diced¬†avocado,¬†and¬†chopped cilantro¬†into¬†a¬†large salad¬†bowl. 2.¬†¬†Toss¬†gently¬†to¬†combine, Drizzle¬†with¬†2¬†Tbsp¬†olive¬†oil¬†and¬†2¬†Tbsp¬†lemon¬†juice.¬†Just¬†before¬†serving¬†toss¬†with¬†1¬†tsp sea¬†salt For Recipe Check out […]
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