Keto Bacon Breakfast Bagels Recipe

They not only look appealing and taste great, they are extremely versatile and you can top them and fill them with anything your heart desires. I am going to use my favorite breakfast fillings but feel free to add your own favorites to these. Avocado or salmon also make good fillings. You won’t be disappointed. […]

Keto Sausage Zucchini Boats Recipe

An easy and delicious meal to cook year-round is the classic twice baked potato…but what can you do since there are too many carbs in potatoes? Well, you can use zucchini! However, this delicious zucchini boats recipe has a delicious little twist on twice-baked potatoes. These shells are stuffed with sausage. The best thing is […]

Easy Keto Cordon Bleu Recipe

This recipe is quick, so it’s the perfect dinner to whip up on those busy weeknights. I’ve taken the classic chicken cordon bleu recipe and reformatted it to be keto friendly and easy to prepare. I really like this dish because the flavor combo of ham, Swiss, Dijon mustard, and chicken are hard to beat. […]

Keto Bacon Avocado Muffins

These muffins are absolutely awesome. You know when you wake up a bit late, and you’re starting to frantically grab and things as you run out the door? We’ve all had mornings like that. Well, you can grab a couple of these, and take them into work with you for lunch with ease. Serve them […]

Keto Recipe – Portobello Personal Pizzas

A super simple and easy way to make lunch ahead of time. No making dough, no microwaves, just simple ingredients and great taste. If you don’t have basil, you can skip it – but be warned that skipping the basil will make the flavors a lot flatter. The basil adds a fantastic note of freshness […]

Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms | Keto Recipe

I know you’ll love these delicious, creamy, little low carb treats wrapped in bacon. Creamy pesto stuffed mushrooms wrapped in streaky bacon were such a hit with the entire family. They are so simple to make, I just wish I had tried this earlier. Read the full recipe with full nutrition breakdown and step-by-step pictures […]

Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole | Keto Recipe

The best thing about this dish is that it’s incredibly easy to make and only has 4 ingredients! It’s great for parents or hard-workers who just don’t have the time to sit down and make a big dinner. Trust me, as soon as you smell it in the oven, you’ll be drooling at the mouth. […]
5 Minute Keto Egg Drop Soup

5 Minute Keto Egg Drop Soup

With 5 simple ingredients, you can make some really tasty keto egg drop soup. Plus, since it has chicken bouillon in it, you get a powerful punch of electrolytes to instantly make you feel better when you don’t feel so good. Read the full recipe with full nutrition breakdown and step-by-step pictures over at: […]

Keto Recipe – Zucchini Ribbons & Avocado Walnut Pesto

Pesto is by definition a sauce made from basil, pine nuts, and a boatload of olive oil. This recipe reduces the oil and adds a creamy texture to this already keto-friendly pasta dressing. Also, if you are anything like me and go broke buying avocados, you certainly don’t want to spend your hard earned (keto) […]
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