Low Carb and Keto Friendly Piping Hot and Crispy Salmon with Garlic Butter Sauce

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Salmon when coated with fresh herbs and spices and pan seared can be a kick ass meal for those who like that extra crunch 😉

Ingredients for Salmon:

400 gms of Salmon with skin on (This should be good for 2 adults). Note that I used barramundi as well in this recipe, you can totally ignore it or include it, your choice 🙂

30 ml olive oil
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
salt to taste
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp fajita seasoning (you can throw some cayenne pepper powder and cumin powder if you don’t have fajita seasoning)
1/3 tsp black pwpper powder
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper powder
pinch of nutmeg powder

Ingredients for garlic butter sauce:

50 gms butter (I always use grass fed )
4 flakes of garlic finely chopped
salt to taste
1/3 tsp black pepper powder
handful of freshly chopped coriander leaves (optional)

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