Keto vs Brain Cancer – Christophe Quancard

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This may be my favorite guy that I’ve ever got to interview. You know when you’re talking to someone and the story just keeps building. Watch this shit. I’m not often speechless with tears in my eyes.

Christophe Quancard is a cancer survivor who credits the ketogenic diet for putting his stage 4 brain cancer into remission. He was diagnosed right before his wedding and given 15 months to live. He said to his bride “this is crazy, you can’t marry me. I have a brain cancer. She said “Shut up, it’s not your call. We’re getting married.” The woman is always right. I don’t know his wife, but I love her courage. They faced this head on and just watch. This is a beautiful story that offers more anecdotal proof for the efficacy of keto vs cancer. Could Ketotherapy replace some of the harmful standards of care? Let’s hope the research keeps chugging along. You haven’t heard the end of this story. Oh by the way, Christophe used to weigh 330lbs.

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