Keto Tasty Churros Recipe – Cinnamon Gluten Free Sugar Free Low Carb – they are actually good!

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Tasty Keto Churros Low Carb that are also Gluten Free, Sugar Free and happen to be Paleo, without missing neither the Cinnamon nor the Sugar sweet taste of the original fried “receta”! Come Join me on Patreon for exclusive Goodies

100g Fine Almond Flour UK US
40g Coconut Flour UK US
250ml Water
2 eggs
A dash of Vanilla Extract UK US
85g Butter
1tsp + for sprinkling Cinnamon Powder UK US
2 Tbsp + for sprinkling Powdered Sweetener UK US
1tsp Baking Powder UK US

Piping Bag (Proper, better than mine) UK US
Silicone baking sheet UK US
Sifter (the thing-y I sprinkle the cinnamon sugar with) UK US

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