Keto Cottage Pie Slimming World Recipe inspired in Instant Pot, low carb, gluen free

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Cottage Pie with Swede / Rutabaga mash on top.Skipped the peas and added extra cubed swede to replace carrots. This recipe is totally keto, inspired by the famous Slimming World Cottage Pie Recipe. Come Join me on Patreon for exclusive Goodies

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Mash Ingredients:

1 swede / rutabaga, (600g circa once peeled)
100g salted butter

Beef Filling Ingredients

2 shallots
2 celery stalks
1/2 swede (300g) in cubes
1 beef stock cube
400g plum tomatoes

1/2 tsp white pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp oregano

1 egg, lightly beaten

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