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Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

In July 2013 Alison Gannett was found to have a deadly baseball-sized malignant cancerous brain tumor in her frontal lobe. After an initial partial surgery, Alison has forgone traditional approaches and instead has used a ketogenic diet, DNA testing, and a new lifestyle to starve the remaining cancer cells and provide health to the rest […]

Can we eat to starve cancer? – William Li

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-we-eat-to-starve-cancer-william-li William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game. Talk by WIlliam Li.

Cancer and keto

I made this video a couple of days ago. I was emotional about seeing people suffer and wanted to communicate my thoughts. Maybe I’m speaking out of turn. Or maybe you should google my suggestions and be open to a new way of thinking?? Either way, this is a conversation worth having.

Chocolate Keto Brownies–tastes like AERO!! Low carb brownies, no sugar brownies, grain free brownies

Check out my free recipe book! http://theketokingakathebantingboss.com/ The Keto King youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheKetoKingakaTheBantingBoss If you want to support and engage with me further, check out my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/theketoking For business inquiries: the.keto.king.official@gmail.com Here is a great Keto Brownie recipe for those looking for low carb brownies and low sugar brownies. The keto brownies are […]

Does the Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer

http://www.naturalhealth365.com presents an exclusive report about the ‘Ketogenic Diet Craze’ sweeping the United States in 2013. Why is this diet so popular – especially for cancer patients and, most importantly, how does it work? Jonathan Landsman offers an exclusive interview with cancer expert, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Gonzalez reveals the shocking results of the ketogenic […]
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