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A Meatzza simply uses a meat crust. We use hamburger and sausage for this crust and then top with our favorite pizza toppings. It’s a great substitute for pizza even if you have to use a knife and fork.

Puffy Pizza Goodness to Share

This dish is perfect for football games, potlucks, or other gatherings as it’s well loved by both low carbers and non low carbers. The original recipe is found at the blog: Foods I Make My Husband The link is here: I changed the recipe only slightly to add more seasonings and additional pizza toppings. […]

Easy Skillet Pizza

If you have a skillet, some shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, and any other favorite toppings, then you’ve got Easy Skillet Pizza! Grace and I like to start with 1/3 to 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella, add a few ounces of pepperoni, some cooked Italian sausage (or leftover breakfast sausage), and some black olives. You can also […]

Caveman Chili | Crockpot Recipes | Caveman Keto

For more info check out this post Pork based chili with pork, bacon, peppers and onions using a crockpot. Good alone or as a topper on burgers or hotdogs. Relevant Amazon Referral Links: ← Cuisinart Crockpot For more recipes and tips visit Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Pinterest […]

Meatza! | Epic Dinners | Caveman Keto

For more info check out this post Have a craving for Pizza but don’t want the carbs? Make Meatza! Meatza is a grainless pizza where the crust is made of ground beef. Perfect for people on either a low carb, Ketogenic or Atkins style diet. For more recipes and tips visit Instagram ► […]
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