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Chorizo Breakfast Casserole | Weekly Meal Prep | Caveman Keto

For more info check out this post Looking to spice up your breakfast? Need something to last all week? Combine Chorizo with vegetables, cheese and eggs! This recipe is part of the Caveman Keto Meal Plan ( and is a great staple for your weekday breakfast. For more recipes and tips visit Instagram […]

Keto Breakfast Muffins | Weekly Meal Prep | Caveman Keto

For more info check out this post Breakfast muffins are one of my core meals on keto. The original version was one of the very first things I ever made. Sure, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see me posting all sorts of frou-frou breakfasts that look like they took hours to make […]

Crispy Chorizo and Cheese Omelette

Visit for the written recipe. A tasty, quick and easy to prepare breakfast omelet. The exterior has a crispy outer shell, with a soft egg omelet interior stuffed with chorizo sausage, green onion and jalapeno. An aromatic and satisfying omelet that is part of your keto, grain free and sugar free lifestyle. This Crispy […]

Ham and Cheddar breakfast egg muffin

Visit for the written recipe. These Ham and Cheese Egg breakfast muffin cups are part of a tasty, easy, healthy, prepare ahead part of a low carb breakfast. I use cheddar but you can use your favorite hard cheese as well. This easy to prepare and to make recipe can be made ahead and […]
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