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Keto Recipe – Bacon Jam

You can pretty much use this stuff on anything savory. I spread it on keto breads, spread it on frittata muffins, and top my dinners with it. It’s just plain delicious! All of the flavors together create a sweet, semi-sour, and savory concoction that goes well with almost everything. I slab it on chicken sliders, […]

Keto Recipe – Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

The taste of the jam is sublime. It isn’t overly sweet like the packed jars we see in the stores today. That sickeningly sweet, sticky stuff that we are so used to eating as kids. This has a very natural taste to it, like you’d expect if your grandma had made it (well, if she […]

Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe – Low Carb Salad Dressing

Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe – Low Carb Salad Dressing – an easy blue cheese salad dressing that’s low carb, keto diet friendly. Learn how to make homemade blue cheese dressing! Subscribe for 3 NEW videos every week – Get the FREE printable recipe – The Keto Diet Quick Start Guide is here! Get […]

Lemon Garlic Low Carb Salad Dressing – Dairy Free & Keto Diet

Lemon Garlic Low Carb Salad Dressing Recipe – one of the BEST Dairy Free & Keto Diet Friendly Creamy Salad Dressing Recipes. ** Want More Low Carb, Keto Diet Videos? Subscribe for FREE: Get the FREE printable recipe – Watch more low carb recipe videos – Take a look inside my eBooks: […]

Keto Diet Recipe – Walnut Pesto Pasta Sauce | Keto Babe Rocks

Walnut pesto pasta sauce keto diet recipe. This recipe makes 4 servings and each serve has 565 calories, 61.3g fat, 3.8g protein, and 1.2g carbs. Burn fat, not carbs, and lose weight fast. Subscribe to my channel for the best keto diet recipes on YouTube! ▲ Instagram – ▲ Facebook – ▲ Tumblr […]

Keto Diet Recipe – Basil Pesto | Keto Babe Rocks

Basil pesto keto diet recipe. Basil pesto topping for pizza, crackers, low-carb pasta, or anything else you want to add extra healthy fats to. Full calorie count and macronutrient ratios included. This recipe makes 220g (7.8oz) of basil pesto and each tablespoon (20g) serving has 130 calories, 13g fat, 2.2g protein, and 1.6g carbs. Burn […]
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