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50 gms vanilla flavoured whey protein isolate powder (If you have unflavoured protein then add a tsp of vanille essence and some sweetener).

25 gms of almond meal

25 gms peanut butter

Around 20 – 30 ml of of water (add more if needed to mix everything together)

sweetener to taste (I used 10 drops of liquid stevia)

90 gms unsweetened dark chocolate


Add everything except dark chocolate in a mixing bowl and mix it well until you form a nice and consistent kind of thing. (Add more water if needed but make sure your end result is not watery)

Melt dark chocolate in a pan on low heat.

Spread half of the melted dark chocolate in the holes of your pre-oiled silicon mould.

Now add peanut butter and whey protein mix on top of the chocolate layer.

Add the remaining half of the melted chocolate on top of whey protein and peanut butter layerSpread it gently.

Freeze for atleast 30-45 mins before its ready for consumption 🙂

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