Beat Your Own Cancer – Ketogenic Kills Cancer – Regression, Remission & Cures

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I am alive & well from a cancer diagnosis that gave me 3-6 months to live back in 2012. Learn about the major factors that have balanced my body, addressed the underlying problem of my deadly Stage 4 brain cancer, and allowed me to remove all fear from my body and focus on healing via my slogan E-D-S-S-S-S (E=Exercise D=Diet S=Spiritual Guidance S=Stress S=Sleep S=Supplements). I’m alive and well…VERY WELL! 🙂 Was supposed to live only 3-6 months which was back in February!

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Friendly Keto Recipes I made this website to pay it forward and to group all the videos on a etogenic diet and resources all in one place. Please share with anyone you know starting or is already on the diet. Join Our facebook group.

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